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develop a custom one!

Built-in apps

CRM, BPM, DMS, employee portal, project managment and finance apps makes the best base for every company.

Business components

Dedicated components like: Customer, Employee, Event, Spreadsheet that reflects real world entities can be used to organize any process.

Information management

ECM like emails, documents, file sharing, scanning based on many years of experience with document management tools.

Collaboration tools

Calendars, Tasks, Instatnt Messanging, Notifications and built-in email IMAP client make the difference.

Process Automation

Fully professional workflow engine based on BPMN lets you model any business process.


Is the app you need not available on the market? With our Architect you can build it yourself!

Our community builds many useful apps that
can be downloaded from Ready_market.

Our community builds many useful apps that
can be downloaded from Ready_market.

Your company needs only one
managing software that has it all,
and you are Ready_ to work.

Ready_ lets you create a living model of your company.

The idea of this model is to look at your company from different perspectives – people and
their roles in organisation as well as digitalised business processes. Ready_ brings together
important business aspects: people, customers, documents, cases, events and many more.
It smoothly comines two distinct worlds: physical and digital.

Ready_ for some numbers?

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Your digital desk

Ready_ is a web-based system. All you need to use it is a browser. Once you log in you can see a desktop similar to those known from popular operating systems. You can open every app, form, document in a separated window, minimize and maximize them. Ready_ supports drag&drop so you can easily move files and items between windows.
Your digital desk

Happy customers

Your company would not exist without clients. This is why Customer Relationship Management is a key Ready_ application. No matter the industry you will find a variety of professional tools supporting sales process. Automate sales department activities and watch the results. Analyse reports and make sure your company provides the best customer service that keeps your clients satisfied.
Happy customers

Projects under control

No matter how complex your projects are you can easily manage their every aspect: documentation, tasks, schedules and budgets. Give your people collaborative tools such as messenger and team info stream attached to every project so they can exchange important information from different locations. Watch key project progress indicators on your smartphone, computer and TV screen.
Projects under control

Financial perspectives

With Ready_ you can easily manage multi-level budget structures covering different types of costs including data from the system as well as data from external sources. As a manager you get a complete, real time image of your company financial situation on your smartphone, computer and TV screen.
Financial perspectives

No more clutter

Ensure seamless document flow in your organisation. You can do it with intuitive interface and advanced Business Process Modelling engine. Thanks to this solution you can be sure all your employees know what to do with incoming and outgoing correspondence, invoices and other documents. You can also create documents from templates and modify files without downloading them on your hard disk, save versions on the server and compare changes. In addition to that you can approve invoices, holiday requests and other documents on Ready_ mobile app.
No more clutter

Digital employee files

Your company is… people. Help HR department keep your employee files in order. With Ready_ you give them powerful tools that help manage processes like hiring and leaves, holidays, business trips and more. Give your people access to documents and forms such as holiday requests, work time sheets, pay slips, surveys, applications etc. Make sure you have HR-related costs under control.
Digital employee files

The power of Ready_ is completeness, simplicity and smart
unification of all important needs defining every company.

We believe that the combination of new trends and good old

design patterns define the best user experience.

In developing our software, we’re always focused on users and their needs. With more than
10 years experience in web app design, we create the best quality standards on the market.
Sure it’s hard, but our mission is to make your work easier and more efficient!

Our customers say we create the best quality
standards on the market. And who are we to object?


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Nicholas then told me that it was the first of a Five Star

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